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Declaration of Prophylactic Isolation

In view of the new measures, as of the 1st of February, the Declaration of Prophylactic Isolation will no longer be issued as the isolation of contacts has ended.

Recovery Certificate

Document issued by the Regional Health Authority attesting that the holder has recovered from SARS-CoV-2 infection, following a positive result of a TRAg test performed more than 5 days ago and less than 180 days.

This document is issued at the end of the isolation. In the case of no symptoms, on the 6th day, a message with a PIN to access the certificate will be sent.

Temporary Incapacity Certificate

Sick leave to certify the worker's illness or incapacity to carry out his professional activity for a certain period of time.

Sick leave for recovered COVID-19 cases. If you need to obtain this document, you must access the “CONTACT-US” section (Available in S-ALERTA CIDADÃO), select your municipal area of residence and indicate the following data: NAME; HEALTH NUMBER; SOCIAL SECURITY IDENTIFICATION NUMBER (NISS); INDICATION OF THE ISOLATION PERIOD.

This document can be requested for assistance to a minor child or grandchild (up to 11 years old) following a positive test for COVID-19.