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COVID-19: Isolation of Positive Cases and Quarantine of Contact

Without symptoms?

a) Isolation not required:;

It is highly recommended to wear a mask on all social events, open or closed spaces, including your residence, for 10 days, as well as to follow the current rules (hand sanitizing, social distance).;

b) The following people should not attend the mentioned institutions:

- Healthcare, education, social and civil protection workers;

- Children and underage people, of any educational level, including kindergarten and preschool;

With Symptoms?

a) 5-day isolation;

b) Isolation must be held until symptoms are gone – the Health Authority can determine prophylactic isolation for 10 days, depending on risk evaluation;

c) 6 days after testing positive, if you’re not symptomatic, you can return your activities, and follow the current rules (mandatory use of mask, hand sanitizing and social distance);

After the isolation period, citizens can return his/her activities while waiting for the Recovery Certificate sent by the Health Authority;

d) Sars-Cov2 Rapid antigen test, at the end of isolation period, is not necessary.

Vaccinated (including booster dose)

3 doses or Covid-19 Recovery Certificate

a) Isolation not required, must follow the current rules (mandatory use of mask, hand sanitizing, social distance);

Unvaccinated or incomplete vaccination

a) Isolation not required;

b) Sars-Cov2 rapid antigen test for COVID-19 on the 5th day – available through PIN sent by text message.

Education, social, nursing homes and healthcare facilities

- Healthcare workers, residents or visitors, with full or incomplete vaccination, do not need to isolate;

- If incomplete vaccination, should test for Sars-Cov2 on the 5th day (rapid antigen test).

Children (< 17 years olds)

Household contact, despite their vaccination status, do not need to isolate, but should test for Sars-Cov2 on the 5th day (rapid antigen test). This rule does not apply to contacts on school context.

The free access to adherent pharmacies, laboratories and clinics, is facilitated on the following situations:

a) If covid-19 symptoms: fever (> 38.ºC), despite the vaccination status, can request a free rapid antigen test in one of the adherent mentioned places. Click here to make a request;

b) Unvaccinated citizens or with incomplete vaccination, who had a positive contact, should test for SarsCov2 on the 5th day. In this case, you do not need to make a test request, since you’ll receive a PIN sent by text message.